From Fear to Rest

April 14, 2019 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: Joshua: The God Who Promises Rest

Topic: Living for God Scripture: Joshua 11:1–23


God shows His people that He alone is enough to deliver them from insurmountable odds and give them rest.


  1. What were God’s people facing in Joshua 11:1-5 that would cause legitimate fear?
  2. What is it in life that most causes you to be frightened, stressed or anxious?
  3. What does verse 6 tell us about God?
  4. How should we understand verse 6 in light of what Jesus says in John 16:32-33?
  5. What does Joshua do in verses 7-10 that shows us he believed what God said?
  6. What “horses and chariots” do you find yourself trusting in that give you a false sense of peace?
  7. In response to what God says and does in Joshua 11, what will it look like for you to go from fear to rest?
  8. Meditate on Hebrews 4:8-11
  9. What is Jesus telling you to do? What are you going to do about it?

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