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Choose Whom You Will Serve

June 16, 2019 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: Joshua: The God Who Promises Rest

Topic: Living for God Scripture: Joshua 24:1–24:33


We are called to choose to serve and fear God instead of other false gods, but we must rely on Jesus in order to do so.


  1. Read Chapter 24 and underline the word “serve”.
  2. Read chapter 24:1-12 and circle all the things God does (look for the word “I”…). There are at least 15. The first one is “I sent” in verse 5. Take some time to mediate on and celebrate the grace of God in all He did for His people?
  3. What characteristics is God looking for if we choose to serve Him (vs. 14-15)?
  4. What are the two reasons we cannot serve God (vs. 16-19)?
  5. What are the results of not serving God wholeheartedly (vs. 19-20)?
  6. How is repentance demonstrated in verses 23?
  7. How sold out are you for God?
  8. Are you ultimately living to serve God or to serve something else?
  9. Here are some test questions to help you see what you might be serving other than God:
    1. What do I daydream about?
    2. What can’t I live without?
    3. What do I crave more of?
    4. What do I run to do when I have 5 spare minutes?
    5. What do I look forward to that gets me through the day?
  10. How does Joshua 24 show us our need for a better “Joshua”?
  11. How are the things Joshua says in chapter 24 similar to the things Jesus said when He was on earth (hint: Matt 16:24; John 12:20-26)?
  12. What would it look like for you to GROW at “choosing this day whom you will serve”?

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