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Kingless Chaos

October 20, 2019 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: Judges: Deliverance for the Undeserving

Scripture: Judges 19:1–21:25


The destruction of the Benjaminites: Without a king to rule and rescue them, people descend into evil and chaos.

Review and Apply

  1. Are there things you are currently doing that are right in your own eyes yet you know are evil in the sight of the Lord?
  2. Is there chaos and inconsistency in your life? If so, where?
  3. In what ways do you find yourself saying one thing while doing/believing something completely different?
  4. Are there ways you are inwardly or outwardly dividing and devouring God’s people?
  5. Are you committed to being a person who exudes hospitality by making outsider feel like insiders? What would it look like for you to intentionally welcome the lost into your home and/or spend much time with them?
  6. When you “inquire of God” is it to ask Him to help you with the things you are doing OR is it to ask Him what things He wants you to do?
  7. What sins of others do you think need to be punished? In other words, what sins in others drive you most crazy? Are you as equally aware of your own sins? Do you believe your sins need to be punished? Do your sins drive you as crazy as the sins you see in others?
  8. Men, please take some time to consider how you think about and treat women. Do you see them as objects OR do you see them as equal in value to men, highly esteemed by God, created in His image?
  9. Do you seek to protect, serve and provide for any and all the women God has brought into your life? Do you recognize and appreciate the strengths and gifts of the women in your life?
  10. Do you see your need for King Jesus to rule over you? Is Jesus your King? Do you love having Jesus as your King? Do you seek to submit to King Jesus in every area of your life? What areas of life do you find it most difficult to submit to King Jesus?

These questions are also available in the handout in the Downloads section.

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