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With God, Weakness is Strength

August 11, 2019 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: Judges: Deliverance for the Undeserving

Scripture: Judges 7:1–7:25


Gideon defeats the Midianites: God employs human weakness to show off His glory, reminding us that He is the one and only hero who rescues His people.

Review & Apply

  1. Read Judges 7.
  2. Read and mediate on the Scripture handout (Everything God does is for His glory and praise).
  3. What are God’s 3 priorities in this chapter?
  4. What does chapter 7 teach you about who God is and what He prioritizes?
  5. Why is it loving and kind of God to make it His #1 priority to put on display and show off His greatness?
  6. How is God “reducing your army” so that you will depend on Him?
  7. In what ways are you weak? Are you seeing these weaknesses as an opportunity to boast in Him?
  8. Parents – Do you see and talk with you child(ren) about their weakness(es) as an advantage or disadvantage? How does their weakness actually help you with your main parenting goal?
  9. Do you currently make time to go with your fear to the place (Jesus and His Gospel) were you will be reminded beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is with you and can rescue you from you fear?
  10. When we met Gideon at a wine press he was hiding in fear. At the end of chapter 7 we find Gideon at a second wine press only now he was the “mighty man of valor” that God had called him to be. God changed his identity and as a result he accomplished the mission God sent him on. How is God at work taking you from wine press to winepress? How is He conforming you and changing you so that you can accomplish His disciple-making mission?

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