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Saved Out of Destruction

November 25, 2018 Speaker: Jordan Thomas Series: Joshua: The God Who Promises Rest

Topic: The Gospel Scripture: Joshua 6:1–6:27


God pours out his righteous wrath on the people of Jericho, but gives his grace to save Rahab.


  1. The events of Jericho have more say to us than just "Joshua won the battle at Jericho”. What two big things do we learn about God in chapter 6?
  2. Why was it right and just for the people in Jericho to be "devoted to destruction" (Deuteronomy 7 and 9)?
  3. How aware are you on a daily basis of the truth that you too should be “devoted to destruction”?
  4. The first big thing we learn in chapter 6 is that God is a holy and just God who pours out wrath on those who hate Him. What is the second big thing we learn about God? (verse 22 “But….”)
  5. What does the complete destruction of Jericho and Rahab being “saved alive” teach you about God?
  6. Rahab never obeyed even one ounce of the Law of Moses. So why was she “saved alive”? (Hebrews 11:31).
  7. How does knowing everyone is worthy of wrath make the saving of Rahab amazing?
  8. How does the saving of Rahab the gentile prostitute build your faith and increase your hope?
  9. The story of Jericho is meant to teach us that with God, one event can simultaneously pour out wrath and grace. What other single event does this foreshadow where both wrath and grace kiss?
  10. In 6:1 we see that Jericho was “shut up inside and outside because of the people of Israel. None went in and none went out.” Compare and contrast this with verse 23… "So the young men who had been spies went in and brought out Rahab….” What does this tell you about God?
  11. In the end who gets the credit for saving Rahab alive (verse 25)? How is this a foreshadowing of Jesus?
  12. Verse 25 tells us that Rahab was “saved alive” but what else does it tell us about the rest of Rahab’s life? What does this foreshadow that is very relevant for you?

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