Belonging to God

November 18, 2018 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: Joshua: The God Who Promises Rest

Topic: The Gospel Scripture: Joshua 5:1–5:15


God's renewed covenant with the people of Israel--a foreshadowing of the new covenant--rolled away the reproach on their name, reminded them that they had been rescued from slavery in order to feast and find rest with Him, and declared Jesus their Commander.


  1. What are the 4 ways Joshua 5 foreshadows the believers relationship with Jesus?
  2. Based on the first 3 (from answer 2 above) what was God more concerned about than the people taking Jericho?


  1. At this point in your Christian journey which one of these 4 (from question 2 above) most encourages you?
  2. At this point in your Christian journey which one of these 4 do you most need others to speak into your life?
  3. In verses 5-6 we are warned that we can get outward religious things right yet still not “obey the voice of the Lord”. Are there any ways you struggling to obey the voice of the Lord?
  4. Do you struggle with shame? What would it look like for you to consistently go back to Gilgal (Jesus, calvary, the empty tomb) to grow in believing that Jesus "rolled away" your shame? (verses 8-9)
  5. What situations are ahead of you that bring fear and anxiety? God used the Passover (verse 10) so the people would look back on how He rescued them in the past in order to help them deal with their fears over the future (Jericho). How can you grow in looking at how Jesus rescued you in the past in order to help you deal with fears over the future?
  6. In verses 11-12 we learned that God wanted His people to know that He had more for them then just being freed from slavery. He freed them from slavery so they could feast with Him (“they ate…” - 3 x’s) in a land of rest. Are you currently “feasting” on Jesus or are you wandering in the wilderness eating manna in disbelief?
  7. Is Jesus the “commander” of your life (verses 13-15)? Do you have a practice of falling on your face and asking Jesus, “What does my Lord say to his servant?”

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