Bringing Back the Wanderer

September 2, 2018 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: The Book of James

Topic: Living for God Scripture: James 5:19–20


Specific Questions

  1. In what area of life that James mentions are you most likely to wander from Jesus?
  2. Is there an area where you are aware that you are wandering?
  3. According to James 5:16 what is one step you can take in returning to Jesus?
  4. Do you know anyone who is wandering in any of the ways James mentions in his letter? Review your notes from point #2 in the message and consider what your role should be in bringing them back from their wandering.
  5. Take some time to consider and celebrate how Jesus pursued you as a wandering sinner and how He continues to pursue you when you wander today.

General Questions

  1. Know Jesus:
    • What does Jesus want you know about Himself in this passage?
    • What does this passage reveal about the character of the Trinity?
  2. Love Jesus:
    • How do these truths about Jesus stir you to love, treasure, and savor Jesus more?
  3. Live for Jesus:
    • What is Jesus telling you to do, believe, or change?
    • What are you going to do about it?

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