If the Lord Wills

August 5, 2018 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: The Book of James

Topic: Living for God Scripture: James 4:13–4:17


We are not in control of our lives, and believing this frees us to trust God and live for him.


Specific Questions

  1. What are the 5 things to treasure when answering the question “What is your life”?
  2. How do these 5 things help fight against the arrogant, evil boasting that comes from believing you can plan the future?
  3. Which of these 5 truths do you find most helpful as you consider your heart in making plans for the future?
  4. What “this” or “that” in your life do you find it most difficult to trust to the sovereign hand of God?
  5. What “right thing” do you need to start doing? (vs. 17)

General Questions

  1. Know Jesus:
    • What does Jesus want you know about Himself in this passage?
    • What does this passage reveal about the character of the Trinity?
  2. Love Jesus:
    • How do these truths about Jesus stir you to love, treasure, and savor Jesus more?
  3. Live for Jesus:
    • What is Jesus telling you to do, believe, or change?
    • What are you going to do about it?

These questions are also available in the handout from Sunday, available in the Downloads section.

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