Overcoming Fights and Quarrels

July 29, 2018 Speaker: Denny Cook Series: The Book of James

Topic: Living for God Scripture: James 4:1–4:12


Our fights and quarrels with each other come from pursuing friendship with the world, but by pursuing friendship with God he gives us more grace for our relationships with himself and others.


Specific Questions

  1. What is the real reason you fight and quarrel with others?
  2. What is the solution to your fighting and quarrelling? (vs. 6)
  3. If grace from God is the key to stopping your fights and quarrels, what are the “humility ingredients” to getting more grace? (vs. 7-9)
  4. Which one of the “humility ingredients” can you seek to apply to the next fight or quarrel you have?
  5. Meditate and celebrate that in the middle of your spiritual adultery “He gives more grace”!

General Questions

  1. Know Jesus:
    • What does Jesus want you know about Himself in this passage?
    • What does this passage reveal about the character of the Trinity?
  2. Love Jesus:
    • How do these truths about Jesus stir you to love, treasure, and savor Jesus more?
  3. Live for Jesus:
    • What is Jesus telling you to do, believe, or change?
    • What are you going to do about it?

These questions are also available in the handout from Sunday, available in the Downloads section.

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