Introducing James: Our Master Protects Us from Wandering

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Matt Maka Series: The Book of James

Topic: Living for God Scripture: James 1:1–5:19


With Jesus as our Master and brothers/sisters at our side, we can fight wandering through faith and works.


Read: Start by reading the book of James
Pray: Ask the Spirit to fill you so will Know Him, Love Him and Live for Jesus.


  1. What was James’s burden in writing his epistle (5:19-20).
  2. Can you see in 5:19-20 why James has this burden?
  3. Name a few of the ways James describes wandering in his epistle (there are a lot of them).
  4. What is so important about James 1:1?
  5. We can learn over 19 things about who Jesus, what He has done and what He will do in the book of James. Find a few of them and meditate on them.


  1. In what specific way(s) are you prone to wander from Jesus?
  2. Are there any ways you are currently wandering from Jesus?
  3. In what areas of life are you fighting to live with Jesus as your Master?
  4. Is there someone you need to bring back from their wandering?
  5. This sentence encapsulates what James is about: With Jesus as our Master (Gospel) and brothers at our side (Community) we can fight wandering through faith and works (Mission). What do you think you need more of? More of Jesus as your master? More brothers/sisters to live in community with? More faith? More works? Pick one and explain why.

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