Praise & Peace (Christmas)

December 24, 2017 Speaker: Matt Maka

Scripture: Luke 2:8–14

  1. Read Luke 2:8-14 and pray for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Where are the two places Christmas reaches (vs. 14)?
  3. What type of person does Christmas rescue (vs. 14)? How can you be that kind of person (vs. 11)?
  4. How many angels did it take to deliver the “good news of great joy”?  How many angels did it take to apply, celebrate and praise God for the “good news of great joy”?
  5. What went up and what came down that first Christmas morning (vs. 14)?


  1. Are you lacking peace in life? Would you like more peace? Is there a specific area of life you would like to put anxiety to death and enjoy more peace?
  2. When praise/glory goes up, peace comes down…How can you GROW in praising God more so that more peace will come to your soul?
  3. How can you GROW at celebrating/enjoying the “good news of great joy”?